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We can't allow the men to be murdered like this

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A former colony of the United Kingdom; Hong Kong is now one of China?s shining stars when it comes to international tourism. The city is increasingly becoming a global link for China to show off its true culture and warmth. Being primarily a harbor city, Hong Kong Special administrative region (SAR) is made up many different parts namely the Hong Kong Island which is most famous among travelers. Then we have the kowloon which is a neck of land with around 2.1  burberry womens shirts million people residing. We also have ?the new territories? which is the new and latest piece of land taken by the British. Lastly, the outlying Islands which complete Hong Kong are group of islands that lie in the southern part of SAR.<br  trench burberry />
The major population of  burberry cologne for women Hong Kong is Chinese, Han Chinese to exact, although, there are other groups of Chinese such as teochews. One can also find a considerable amount of South Asian communities here who have been settled for quite a number of years. Philipinos, Indonesians and Thais are also found in great numbers. The majority of the people speak Cantonese here which adds few English words.
The climate of Hong Kong remains moderate for most of the year. The minimum temperature in winters goes down to 10 degrees, while the max summers are around 30 degrees. But, during the spring months of March till May the weather is extremely pleasant with temperatures hovering around the mid twenties.
Getting Here
First time visitors must note that Hong Kong has its own set of immigration and visa system and hence Chinese mainland entrance from Hong Kong warrants a new visa. Visitors who arrive here by plane will be using the Hong Kong international airport which is main point of air entry to the island. Various major international destinations run flights to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific and Drogon Air are the two major international carriers of Hong Kong.
Moving Around
From the airport, there are various means to tour the city and its attractions. One can always take the public bus system which can take you around the four districts of Hong Kong. Ferries are also an excellent option to move from Macau and around the Island Harbor. You can also use the metro as there are several lines that allow crossing the harbor. From the airport, the Airport express is the best way to reach the city.
Major Attractions
The sightseeing includes the famous Harbor Skyline of the city that has become a tourist?s attraction. A ferry ride would offer you the best  burberry women shoes views of the famous Skyline. Other attractions include the Victoria Peak and traditional heritage regions of the city. You can also have a look at the famous museums of the city that include Hong Kong  burberry watches women Museum  burberry touch for women of History which provides a detailed insight into the past and the present of Hong Kong. You can also visit the various beautiful beaches of Hong Kong in the new territories.
Food in Hong Kong is quite diverse but is primarily inclined towards Chinese and sea food. Chopsticks are quite frequently used and are a major etiquette during Chinese eating outs. Some of the most famous local dishes include the Dim Sum, Sui Mei, Congee, Noodles and Tong Sui. Various varieties of sea food are also available for sea food lovers.
The law and order situation in the city is strictly controlled by the police and hence the city has low crime rate. Unlike other Asian cities, street crime is low but one should be aware of pickpockets in crowded markets.

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